You get quality traffic from our list of handpicked long tail sites. You can bid on CPM/CPC, etc and target almost all ways like geo, category, etc. We work with tools to drive and meet your business goals. We provide you panel which gives you real time updates on all your numbers. We can run retargeting campaigns on you. We have access of more than 200 million managed impressions and more than 5 billion impressions on RedClickStarVentures. We work with Appnexus, Mediamath and Doubleclick and can deliver result for you.

Start your financial planning today.

You may be confused about how to distinguish Financial Planning from other kinds of financial advice. To help you understand what to expect from the Financial Planning process, CFPCM practitioners follow certain standards - called Financial Planning Practice Standards - when providing Financial Planning advice. Practice Standards describe the process you should reasonably expect a Financial Planner to use during a Financial Planning engagement.

Our quality process on Inventory

We scan every site and work only on sites which are audited. We make sure you do not classify in the prohibited categories. Also after sign up we continuously check where traffic is coming from to make sure the quality standardshare met as expected. We use Integral ad science to further verify the ad visibilty, malaware free and correct attributions.

Programmatic and our approch

We beleive Programmatic is the future and hence we eat, sleep, drink programmatic buying in the entire ecosystem. All our managed inventory we are buying using appNexus bidder. We have integrated all our supply sources on sell side ecosystem. If you are having any seat on AppNexus and are looking to increase business opportunities happy to connect on the same to see both on buy/sell side.

Proposition to other networks

If you have campaigns you would like to deliver we can work as a publisher for you. We can deliver campaigns with RedClickStar Ventures platform and inventory across my managed sites. Also if you are having remnant inventory do ping us and you can work as a Publisher. We can monetize inventory across globe and have very good direct campaigns paying good CPM's. If you are having a seat on any of the platforms ping us.

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